Novelty Publications started its humble beginning in 1983. Since then it has always been progressing stupendously in the educational field. With varieties of books Novelty Publications has established its identity with its quality, best service, best dealings, positive approach, co-operative attitude and high standard. Now the firm is much needed among the teachers and children as well as the management of schools.

We, the management and the staff, are very proud of Novelty Publications not only because of its growth but also its excellent character it maintains. Novelty Publications has its functions spread in South India with more than 3000 schools. Besides books the firm supplies all kinds of other school items such as diaries ID cards, ties, belts, socks, emblems etc. All India Talent Contest is also conducted most successfully.

In the fast developing electronic age, it is necessary to go with it. As a part of it, we have started new ventures in India after our participating in the World Publications conducted in New Delhi, 2019. One of them is ‘School Books Talking Pen’. The other one is ‘Robotic Way of Teaching’ which are very significant for highly emerging students. The system will guide them as it should be. This is a way of friendly teaching that Novelty Publications always motivates. You may expect its realization within two years.

The management and staff of Novelty Publications are always committed to students, teachers and the school and its management to whom we are very grateful for the appreciation on our devotional work.